A Long Hiatus

I have to blame my recent bloglessness on Bikram and his addictive series.  As it turns out, there is tremendous opportunity to insert asanas into his collection of poses, and these variations can lead to really interesting sessions.  I’ve been enjoying his suggested series as a foundation and a guide.  There are so many ways to approach balance in yoga that the potential adaptations are almost endless, and while I realize that this may leave purists aghast, the lure of inserting a balasana or two into a routine over the course of six a.m. sadhana is sometimes overwhelming.  As David Farmar points out, in his inimitable way, if you were never to do another (insert asana here), neither your practice nor your life would end.  And so, I embrace a little modification here and there (and most mornings).
I’ve cleared a space for post-tea, early-morning yoga, and I’ve realized that the best way to embrace the benefits of routine is to break it purposefully.  While we can certainly be respectful of tradition, small changes in how we apply it can yield surprising results.  My once-nocturnal sadhana is giving slow way to the quiet of earlier practice, and Bikram’s patience with my tinkering has given new vitality to my day.  

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